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Distinct Beauty Comes From Places Once Broken

The Globus family of brands is proud to partner with Landmine Design, a social enterprise using dignified work and design to educate and provide jobs for women living in poverty in Cambodia.

This Landmine village is nestled along a 450 mile border where the largest concentration of land mines in the world is located. Today, more than 500 families call this village home. There is no electricity, no clean water and very little to eat. The families here seek ways to merely survive.

Many in the village have made the difficult choice to leave their families for months at a time to find work as migrant farm hands in nearby Thailand, one of the most highly trafficked areas in the world. Landmine Design was created to give women in the minefield a chance to make a living from their own homes where they can care for their families while also earning the funds desperately needed to support their families. With the opportunity to earn a living in the village and amongst their families, women once exploited and at risk for human trafficking have now become artists, leaders and business women.

Over the past 3 years, the Globus family of brands has helped the program go from less than 10 ladies working, to helping employ 24 women in the village. We are creating hope in places once scarred and desolate. From the broken fields of landmines, hope is rising.

To learn more about our partnership, watch our video.

To see all of Landmine Designs beautiful jewelry and homemade products, visit their website. Use the code GLOBUSLOVE at checkout to save 15%.


Poipet, Cambodia School Partnership

To live in the slums of Poipet, Cambodia is to live in squalor. It is where people on the poorest margin of society find themselves, in a country still reeling from a horrific and violent past.

For the children of the slums, life is difficult – at best. Hope for a future is hard to find; and evaporates when the only school closes down. Just six months ago, the only school in the slums of Poipet, near the Landmine Village, closed, leaving children with no options for education. And even less hope for a future.

Already partnering in the region with a job creation program, Landmine Design, the Globus family of brands has placed orders for jewelry that has resulted in full time employment and education for over 24 women who were once at risk, or victims of, human trafficking. The impact has been undeniable. Futures have been changed. Hope has been planted and it is growing wildly.

The Globus family learned the plight of children in the slums of Poipet and decided to go even further. They reached out to the organization again with a desire to help. That was the drawing of a new school in the slums of Poipet.

The impact goes far beyond a new school. It is giving children a safe place to be and to belong. It is instilling in them a new sense of confidence, a new belief in their own worth, abilities and potential. This school is the first and most crucial way to end the cycle of poverty in this community for generations to come. Creating opportunities for education is part of the light at the end of the bleak tunnel of poverty; giving children the chance to write a future that goes beyond mere survival.