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November 5, 2018

5 Reasons to Put Peru on the Top of your Bucket List

Peru invites you to feed the body, mind and soul with off-the-beaten-path experiences found beyond Machu Picchu. Whether this is your first international vacation, you’re seeking a little adventure, or you’ve seen Europe’s famous sights, now is the time to break free from the ordinary and see the unique destinations and unusual discoveries that have stood the test of time

  1. Location. Peru is closer than you think. Though its exotic, pristine landscapes make it seem far reaching, flights are comparable to those which European and North American travelers are accustomed.
  2. Cuisine. Amid the horizons and ancient vistas of Peru lies an equally important attraction – food! Lima has emerged as a culinary capital with diverse dishes. Regional fresh seafood, fruits, and vegetables are bountiful in local food markets, family eateries, and 5-star restaurants.
  3. Culture. The ancient land of architects and warriors is a world of tradition, artistry, natural wonders, and simple pleasures starting in Peru. Get a true taste of graceful Peruvian life with Globus’ Local Favorites.
  4. History. Dig deeper for glimpses of ancient life through archaeological wonders to rival the pyramids in Egypt. Taste traditions with Peruvian cooking classes, relive artistic history with tango lessons, and expand your horizons with visits to local Peruvian homes.
  5. Nature. Stand on the rim of Colca Canyon at eye level with Andean Condors – whose 10-foot wingspan lets them glide for hours on the chasm’s updrafts. Sail to Isla Ballestas to mingle with marine animals in the sanctuary there. Fly over southern Peru’s Nazca Desert to see the Nazca Lines – etched in the sandy soil to better see heaven or for heaven to see.