6 Sites to See on Iceland’s Southern Coast

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February 12, 2018

The Hottest and Coolest Destinations to Visit in 2018

A new year brings new adventures and plenty of new destinations to explore. From the sunny shores of Portugal to the frozen tundras in Iceland, we’re unveiling our picks for (literally) the hottest and coolest destinations of 2018!


Grand Canyon National Park – It takes more than 6 million years for beauty this jaw dropping to take shape. Experiencing this stunning and serene natural wonder should be on everyone’s list… and this year, it’s definitely on ours! But you can leave most of your layers at home for this trip, ladies and gents. Despite the elevation of the Grand Canyon, summer temperatures here average in the mid-80s during the daytime.




Cinque Terre – This chain of five villages sits on the Northern coast of Italy. Between the sparkling blue Mediterranean waters, the jumbled pastel homes and the combo of fresh-off-the-boat seafood and local wine, Cinque Terre is definitely a HOT destination for 2018 (with the perfect swimming holes to cool off in).












Lisbon – Often overlooked in favor of its neighbor to the east, Portugal is a country rich in history, culture and stunning sites well worth discovering. Though recently, the capital city of Lisbon has emerged as one of Europe’s newest hotspots, thanks to its relaxed atmosphere, good food and wine, warm weather, nice beaches, and vibrant nightlife. What’s not to love?!




Lake Louise

Nestled at the foot of Mount Victoria in Alberta, Canada, lie the turquoise waters of Lake Louise. This stunning, secluded paradise is any outdoor lover’s dream – with striking peaks to ski in the winter and trails for hiking and biking in the summer. The coolest thing about Lake Louise? The water! The lake typically doesn’t thaw until June or later… that’s one cold swim.lake-louise-1761286_1920


Patagonia – Stretching across Chile and Argentina, Patagonia is playfully referred to as “the end of the world.” Here, the jagged peaks, glistening green waters and calving glaciers are all that surround you. The thrilling and unspoiled vastness of the Patagonia region is truly the trip of a lifetime. But pack your parka… the wind-chill at the end of the earth has a bite as sharp as the peaks!


Iceland – It’s no secret that Iceland is one of the world’s coolest destinations… literally. We assure you that the incredible natural beauty of the country, from the vast glaciers to the active volcanoes, are well worth enduring the cold, windy temperatures. Just LOOK at this place.