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April 17, 2017

What to Expect on a Globus Europe Tour

So, you’re thinking about taking a Globus Tour in Europe. We’re sure you have plenty of questions about what to expect, and we are here to give you the answers! Hear from Tour Director, Pieter, about the very best parts of a Globus Tour!

Friendship: One of the best things about a coach tour is the chance to travel with like-minded people. Certain things unite everyone at Globus: we all love travel, we’re all excited by new and interesting places, and we all like meeting new people. Every day, you’ll have a chance to sit in a different place on your Globus coach – not only will you get a different view, but you’ll also sit near different and fun people. Globus friendships last a lifetime!

History: We hope you’re interested in history! People come to this wonderful continent for the stories in the stones; every Globus destination has a fascinating history and your Tour Director will want to tell you about it. We’re passionate about our history and we’re passionate about sharing it with our guests.

Adventure: Every European tour has a bit of everything, including big bucket list cities like London, Paris or Rome, but your Tour Director will also share with you the lesser-known corners of Europe. Expect to be taken to some places you’ve never heard of before, and expect these to be the highlight of the trip! The joy of travel is the joy of the unexpected.

Comfort: We never forget that you’re on holiday and we work to make your experience as enjoyable as possible. All our tours are assigned a tour pace so you can choose whether you’re after something leisurely or “on the go”. Our coaches are comfortable and clean, we only use the most experienced drivers, and when you need time to relax, you can enjoy our lovely hotels or explore your destination independently. Your vacation should be exactly what you want it to be!