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October 15, 2015

Time to Travel… Globus Unveils New Study

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LITTLETON, Colorado – October 14, 2015 – Isn’t it time to make travel a priority? Time to trade in travel dreams for memories? Time to exchange “have-tos” for “must-sees?” Globus recently asked Americans these very questions (and more). The results? Surprising! Unlike similar studies that have placed a spotlight on Americans’ vacation deficit, Globus’ NEW “Time to Tour” survey* indicates that we favor travel over many other life experiences.

Globus Time to Tour Survey

Globus Time to Tour Survey

For instance, Globus asked survey respondents what life events have gotten in the way of wanderlust. While 24 percent (24%) said that finances are to blame for vacation deficits and 18 percent (18%) said health and family issues have gotten in the way of travel, 44 percent (44%) of respondents said nothing gets in the way of travel plans. Instead, they make travel their No. 1 priority.

Further, an astounding 97 percent (97%) of people said they feel like they deserve to vacation and 91 percent (91%) wish they vacationed more.

And while many people assume that we vacation to escape the rigors and stresses of life, Globus’ “Time to Tour” survey indicated the opposite is true. A vast majority of people (93%) said they travel to experience the places they’ve only read about, new cultures, food and more while only 7 percent (7%) said they take a vacation to relax.

“Beach and resort vacations are relaxing but the vast majority of people want to experience life, not escape it when they take time off.” said Steve Born, vice president of marketing for the Globus family of brands. “On a touring vacation, the world is delivered to travelers. They simply need to seize the moment. Capture the beauty. Grab hold of the flavors. Envelop the sounds and immerse themselves in the unforgettable. We make it easy – and fun – to travel the world.”

So where do Americans want to travel to experience new places, people and cultures? According to the “Time to Tour” study, 56 percent (56%) of people place Europe on top of their list of places to go. Exotic destinations like South America, Africa and the South Pacific placed second (28%) and 16 percent (16%) of travelers said they’d prefer to stay a little closer to home, traveling through North America.

Regardless of where they go, there is an overwhelming consensus that Americans think travel is good:

  • 85 percent (85%) of respondents said travel makes people happier
  • 70 percent (70%) said vacations make us better people

“If there’s any question that travel is an important priority in our lives, our study reveals the answer: Vacations are important. More important than many other life experiences,” said Born. “In fact, people ages 55 and over told us that if they could do things differently in life, nearly half (47%) would travel more versus spending more time with family (31%) and making more ‘me’ time (20%).”

To download the Globus Time to Tour Survey, click here, right click, then save the image.

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*Results based on a 10-question, Time to Tour survey of 3,382 travelers in August 2015.
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