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Jet Lag is a Real Drag

May 7, 2015

Travel is…

In honor of National Travel and Tourism Week, we asked you to FILL IN THE BLANK: What does travel mean to you? Here are some of your answers:


Travel Quote

“Makes the world seem smaller and opens your mind to other cultures. Travel makes the heart happy!” – Lisa K. on Facebook



Travel Quote

“Time to relax, unwind, have fun, visit interesting places, learn the culture of another country, meet and have new friends, and enjoy life.” – Dina L. on Facebook



Travel Quote

  “…the grand adventure on Earth. – Kristine K. on Facebook



Travel QuoteInspiring. – Elane B. on Facebook



Travel QuoteA window to see the world – Debbie P. on Facebook



Travel Quote

“Everything! Necessary for my survival! – Diane R. on Facebook



Travel Quote“A time well spent with spouse.” -Maria S. on Facebook