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January 9, 2015

Know Before You Go: Packing for Europe

Are you heading to Europe this year? Not sure what to pack? Check out our list of must-pack items below:

✈ Passport, visa(s), travel protection/insurance, flight information, and other necessary documents

✈ ATM/debit/credit cards and their PIN codes; do not pack your passport or money in your checked luggage

✈ Jackets and slacks with plenty of pockets and inner pockets

✈ Light bag with a strap that can be worn crosswise over your body; purses/handbags are best avoided unless they can be carried close to your body in front of you

✈ Sportswear/casual wear for daytime

✈ Smart casual outfits for evenings

✈ Shorts, sneakers, or sweatsuits are not considered acceptable attire when dining at your hotel

✈ Enough underwear/socks to avoid frequent laundry; pack at least one pair of warm socks, even in summer, in case of an unusually cold day

✈ Warm sweater for evenings

✈ A dressier outfit for an evening at the theater, an elegant restaurant (smart casual clothes are usually fine for cabarets/casinos)

✈ Comfortable, sturdy, tried-and-tested walking shoes (rubber soles help grip slippery/uneven surfaces)

✈ Sandals and/or non-slip socks that double as slippers

✈ Swimwear

✈ Warm jacket, socks, scarf, gloves and cap

✈ Sunglasses

✈ Sunscreen

✈ Sun hat

✈ Insect repellent and balm

✈ Toothbrush/toothpaste and washcloths, preferably disposable (considered a personal item, so rarely supplied)

✈ Shampoo and soap (if you prefer to use your own brand)

✈ Deodorant

✈ Razor and shaving cream

✈ Comb, brush, hair ties

✈ Female necessities

✈ Band-aids

✈ Aspirin/Tylenol/Ibuprofen/cold medicines/Pepto Bismol

✈ Motion-sickness pills

✈ Chapstick or lip balm

✈ Antibacterial wipes/small bottle of hand sanitizer gel

✈ Travel pack of Kleenex

✈ Medicines (carried in their original container) and copy of prescriptions, phone/e-mail/fax number of your doctor

✈ Manicure & mending kits

✈ Travel alarm clock (to avoid relying on hotel automatic wake-up calls)

✈ Mini umbrella or fold-up poncho for the occasional shower

✈ Glasses plus extra pair and/or copy of prescription, eye drops for contact lenses

✈ Spare batteries for hearing aids

✈ Collapsible walking stick if you have mobility difficulties

✈ Small travel pillow

✈ Electrical converter(s)/adapter(s)

✈ Camera/video equipment with plenty of memory cards/extra film/spare batteries and label with your name and vacation code; should you lose them, there’s a better chance of their being returned

✈ Cell phone that works overseas, with international calling plan or international phone cards

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